Oral Home Care Valentine's Day Preparation

Valentine's Day is a holiday tailor-made for dental offices, don't you think? And with all that hugg...

Sang Tran, DDS Feb 13 • 1 min read
Oral Home Care Dry Mouth Relief

Do you have a dry mouth and why is it important to address?  Dry mouth (less saliva flow) can l...

Sang Tran, DDS Feb 3 • 1 min read
Oral Home Care Our Dentalicious Guide @ Let Them Eat Cake

Our team is at it again providing you with valuable information on enjoying desserts with our Dental...

Sang Tran, DDS Nov 4 • 1 min read
Oral Home Care Healthier alternative to Halloween candy

This Halloween, try a healthier alternative to regular candy.  These from Dr. John's contain xy...

Sang Tran, DDS Oct 29 • 1 min read

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