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We know you have many choices.  Thank you for visiting us here to get to know a little about us.  Our patients all have different needs, so every attempt is made to accommodate your concerns at your first visit.  Many times, it’s to get up to date on an overdue dental cleaning.  Other times, it’s to address long or short term dental pain.  Sometimes, it’s to just for a consult to answer some dental questions.


Many times dentistry is viewed as a macro/micro profession where most of what we treat is really small where special magnifying glasses are needed to see in detail.  


Though magnification and a macro view is very important and is used at our practice, we like to start thinking with a wide view of your dental health.   From this perspective, we can see how your dental health is tied in with your overall health.  From our dental training, it’s key to not just treat the tooth, but the patient.  We can see how your teeth fit together and how they function.  This vantage allows for better planning of long term solutions.  Long term for one patient may mean not having dental pain, while others may mean keeping their teeth as long as possible.

From the wide angle view, we can start to see historically how and why dental conditions exists in each patient.  Though many patients have the same needs, taking an overall approach allows us to custom tailor treatment and home care instructions.  This allows us to understand what has worked for you in the past and find solutions that you will most likely try.  So moving forward, let’s start today, training for better dental health.

We’d like for you to consider us as part of your team to achieve better dental health. 

We understand that your dental space is a personal one, and respect that you may want to train on your own.  Our approach to training is one that instruct and step back to allow you to develop better habits or even celebrate your successes. 

We understand that dental home care instructions can be confusing.  With your help in identifying your challenges, we can help make dentistry less complicated.

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Quality professional team members that pride ourselves in furthering education to ensure you get the quality care you deserve.

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Davis, Dentist, Dr. Sang Tran is a multispecialty office dedicated to excellence in cosmetic dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics and Periodontics.

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