Meet The Doctor

Meet The Doctor


Sang Tran , DDS


Born in Vietnam.  2nd oldest of 6.  Total number of pictures for family of 8 until I was in college:  less than 36. Realized at age 20 art of seeing my surroundings in more detail:  photography and biology.

Fascinated with how biology, dentistry, and photography are closely tied together.  Above picture says it all.  I try to recreate nature (your teeth) with precision to match its intended function.  After all, photography is trying to recreate a moment in time.

Dental degree from University of the Pacific in 2000.  Y2K bug did not affect all school records before that.  Have a compulsion to apply high technology to treating patients.   Discovered that patient care can benefit from going paperless and forever archived.  One of the first offices in Davis to use digital x-rays.  Got into CAD-CAM dentistry before 3-D printing became popular.  

Favorite part of dentistry.  We have the potential to get rid of cavities for good though modern research.  Our closest solution: Carifree Treatment.

Love simplicity and a good cup of coffee.  Total number of pictures of my four kids:  50,000 give or take.

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